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Welcome to Dolce Piano, where we orchestrate excellence in piano care!  Explore our comprehensive suite of services designed to elevate your musical journey:

Piano Tuning: Fine-tune your instrument for perfect harmony.
Piano Custom Voicing: Craft a unique tonal signature that resonates with you.
Restringing: Renew the soul of your piano with fresh strings.
Action Regulation: Ensure precision and responsiveness in every key.
Hammer Replacement & Adjustment: Enhance and refine your piano's tonal quality.
Touch Weight Analysis & Correction: Fine-tune the feel of your piano keys.
Sticky Keys Adjustment: Resolve issues for seamless and uninterrupted play.
Key Top Repair: Restore both functionality and aesthetics.
Back Jack Leveling: Expert solutions for sustained performance.
Polish & Deep Cleaning: Elevate the elegance of your instrument.

Dreaming of bringing a piano into your life? Our team is here to assist you in selecting the perfect piano and providing expert consultations. Let's create beautiful music together!

Our Piano Services

Custom Voicing
Action Regulation
Hammer Adjustment
Key Top Replacement
Sticky Key Fixing
Back Jack Repair
Touch Weight  Correction

Polish & Deep Cleaning

Unveil the brilliance of your piano with our meticulous Polish and Deep Cleaning service at Dolce Piano! 
Give your beloved instrument the royal treatment it deserves. Our experts specialize in restoring the luster of every key, polishing the elegance of your piano's finish, and conducting a deep cleaning that breathes new life into its aesthetic and performance.
Why choose our Polish and Deep Cleaning service?
Revitalize Elegance: Witness a transformative shine that enhances your piano's aesthetic appeal.
Restore Resonance: Clear away dust and debris to reveal the true brilliance of your piano's sound.
Attention to Detail: Our skilled technicians leave no key untouched, ensuring a thorough and comprehensive cleaning experience.
Expert Craftsmanship: Trust the care of your instrument to our experienced team, dedicated to preserving the beauty and functionality of your piano.

No Matter Where Your Piano Made!

At Dolce Piano, we specialize in the meticulous care of pianos crafted in Germany, Korea, Japan, USA, and Australia. Our dedicated expertise ensures that each instrument, regardless of its origin, receives tailored attention and exceptional service. Trust us to preserve the beauty and soul of your piano, no matter where it was born.

Trust us to care for your old and priceless Piano

Preserve the charm of your cherished piano with our expert maintenance services.

Your old piano deserves the care of experienced hands.
Trust the passion and skill of Dolce Piano for the revival of your cherished instrument.

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What Our Clients Say


Eram arrived on time and finnished tuning my Baby grand piano very well.
Thank you!!!

Erkki Kanto
Kanto Production


Excellent piano tuning with a very warm sound. Excellent piano cleaning. Punctual highly professional super nice person really knows what he’s doing. I will definitely be hiring him in the future for all my piano tuning needs. Reasonably priced but that certainly does not affect the high quality of his tuning.

Alice Dykeman

Great Price

My first thought during and afterward was: Class. Maybe it’s the type of work (refining a beautiful instrument), but Eram’s persona, work, and ethics were all… elegant. I highly endorse him to anyone seeking his professional expertise.

Richard Singer

Great Experience

Eram was more than on time. He was very detail and spent close to 90 min to tune my grand piano. As a MTAC piano teacher for more than 45 years I am very happy with his tuning and I expect his return next time. Highly recommend.

Darlene Koldenhoven
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Eram Hoorbod (Founder)
with +25 years experience



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